International Speakers:




'off   podium'

International Key Opinion Leaders bring tomorrows technology and skills to life. 

TOPICS to include



(Innovation and Implementation of online technologies,

 in-clinic, in-store and on-line) 

Day 1  e-Optics : engaging with the brave new world

Session 1 e-commerce and e-clinical care.

Session 2 e-clinical care

Session 3 e-volution of hybrid models of care delivery

Day 2. e-pidemics in eye care

Session 1. Dry Eye : Tech & talk

Session 2. Myopia : Tech & talk

Session 3. Star turn.

Day 3. e-ngage (open mic) and call for action

Session 1. Open mic for 

'Crystal Ball Gazing'

Flexi scheduling

to maximise exposure to the mountains.

Full details to be concluded shortly provisional conference content is outlined below.

Breathless program for skiers and non-skiers. Sharing off podium experiences together.

Non skiers will share the 'atmosphere and life' of the High Mountain Winter Festivities without the need for skis or boards..

A full activity program away from the conference rooms and under Mont Blanc the highest peak in Europe. 

'SKi'  -  Beginners, Cruisers, or Extreme.

'SNOW-BOARD' -  Surf, play, or jump.

SNOW SHOE - No experience required

SNOW BIKE - No experience required

'SIGHT-SEE' - Mont Blanc, Glacier Caves, or Culture. 10,000 ft altitude to take your breath away.


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